Veenit Katariia
Veenit Katariia
Co-founder and Creative Head Being the Creative Head of Miracle Lens Veenit brings in his rich experience of guiding the team in pushing the limits and achieving the impossible. He has written and directed several short films and corporate films, has also written a Marathi feature film “Arrey Baba Purey”. His talent could be seen right from his college days when he wrote and directed a Marathi short film “Zunjj” which was showcased in various international film festivals across India. A constant learner, hard worker which makes him one of the pillars of Miracle Lens.
Vinayak Shaah
Vinayak Shaah
Co-founder and producer Responsible for overseeing the production at Miracle Lens. Vinayak brings in the relevance of excellent production skills to the company. Working as a production controller for renowned brands like Birla Sun Life, ICICI Bank, Times Of India and a Marathi feature film “Arrey Baba Purey” where he was an Executive Producer, which gave him tremendous experience and exposure to the world of production. His knowledge and expertise in all aspects right from scheduling to execution gives Miracle Lens the edge in efficient execution of projects of different scales.
Chetanya Maalusare
Chetanya Maalusare
Associate Producer with immense skills in cost management, Chetanya Maalusare is one of the most important pillars in "Miracle Lens", Right from managing the actors to scheduling, creative cost cutting and priortizing superior quality of film is one of his key areas. Managing Marathi feature film like "Arey Baba Pure"and AD film like "Corvi Led Light" has made him gained more experience in the field of production and finance. With immense creativity and enthusiasm to try out new innovation experiments in field of film making makes him bring a lot of success for "Miracle lens"in term of wealth as well creativity.

Samsung P520 Armani: A Phone With Great Appeal

Samsung P520 Armani: A Phone With Great Appeal
Operation from the phone decided by touch and sensitivity. Any type of a scratch to the screen can damage it can is just a little screen and in many makes the view blur. Adheres which may be used in the shield should be thin, non-distorting, and flexible which could be adjusted on any filter. Generic products can be acquired but perform not have a good fit and do not even get easily fit to need to be followed model.


Not likely, cell phones can minimize the plane's compasses and if your pilot is an extensive idiot, result in you tearing lead to a dangerous plane crash, but that'd should be the truth. If it were this simple kill people on airplanes, terrorist would have a field's day and mobile phones wouldn't be allowed on airplanes at all.



It gives great top quality and despite the fact that it is often a phone given to the professional business community, it doesn't take multimedia lightly. AAC, eAAC+, WMA and MP3 formats might be used located on cheapest gadget insurance . Real player, MP4, Flash, H264, H263 QVGA, 3GP are video formats suitable for that Video grower. Video Streaming, FM player, Windows media player are to be noted furthermore. You can also enjoy with Nokia podcast, Nokia music manager and Nokia music go shopping.


If you wish to listen to latest songs, its entertainment features can quench your music desire. The phone entertains you in melodious top quality of sound as cheap gadget insurance of Sony ericsson Cell Phone Company is renowned for its sound clarity. Contract Mobile Phones are also not the best of of which. The phone has the greatest music equalizer that helps the phone to maximum benefit awesome sound output. Moreover, the phone comes with Sense me feature that senses your mood and plays an audio lesson to suit the feelings.


In a appropriate handset spy software, you think about your needs and your financial. Oftentimes, you get what shell out for, meaning more features and a more expensive degree of reliability results in a costly product. But do want all those features to start with?


There undoubtedly are a few solutions to get a cell phone handset a person don't already own one that will work with your preferred provider. Very first is merely pay a high price for the equipment at the carrier's shop. I don't really recommend this as it's expensive (and I'm cheap). The second way get hold of a mobile phone handset outright is through an online auction site like ebay. You can find incredible deals on both new and used mobile phone on eBay and for the phone arrives in the mail, you simply walk into the service provider location and activate the phone. contract charge!


Who have not experienced getting prank calls at dark? There is a continuous number of bored individuals who do canrrrt you create anything easier do other than pissing people off by designing weird calls during wee hours for cheapest gadget insurance uk of prank calls also keeps on increasing. Together with invention of caller ID's, this has declined for almost any while but because on the prevalence of mobile phones (who does do not have one?), prank calling happens to be a hobby among both young and old people once again.


The front has 4 physical buttons below this specific unit. The button placement is bit different than rest belonging to the Android phones, the Menu key is defined first form the left then, he said Home, As well as Search element. The Home key and Back key are placed a single slate separating them from Menu and search key.

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