Veenit Katariia
Veenit Katariia
Co-founder and Creative Head Being the Creative Head of Miracle Lens Veenit brings in his rich experience of guiding the team in pushing the limits and achieving the impossible. He has written and directed several short films and corporate films, has also written a Marathi feature film “Arrey Baba Purey”. His talent could be seen right from his college days when he wrote and directed a Marathi short film “Zunjj” which was showcased in various international film festivals across India. A constant learner, hard worker which makes him one of the pillars of Miracle Lens.
Vinayak Shaah
Vinayak Shaah
Co-founder and producer Responsible for overseeing the production at Miracle Lens. Vinayak brings in the relevance of excellent production skills to the company. Working as a production controller for renowned brands like Birla Sun Life, ICICI Bank, Times Of India and a Marathi feature film “Arrey Baba Purey” where he was an Executive Producer, which gave him tremendous experience and exposure to the world of production. His knowledge and expertise in all aspects right from scheduling to execution gives Miracle Lens the edge in efficient execution of projects of different scales.
Chetanya Maalusare
Chetanya Maalusare
Associate Producer with immense skills in cost management, Chetanya Maalusare is one of the most important pillars in "Miracle Lens", Right from managing the actors to scheduling, creative cost cutting and priortizing superior quality of film is one of his key areas. Managing Marathi feature film like "Arey Baba Pure"and AD film like "Corvi Led Light" has made him gained more experience in the field of production and finance. With immense creativity and enthusiasm to try out new innovation experiments in field of film making makes him bring a lot of success for "Miracle lens"in term of wealth as well creativity.

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Crazybulk Legal Anabolic Steroids Effects On Men
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