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We bring extraordinary ideas to life in any space
or screen through craft, imagination and technology.

At the very core, Miracle Lens is an imaginative powerhouse, fueled by some of the most talented minds of the industry.

With the aim of creating captivating visual communications that leave an imprint upon the audience, we believe that the essence of every memorable communication is a story. Giving a voice to the daring, the unexpected, and the offbeat, we believe in promoting thought-provoking and authentic tales. Preserving the genuine, the happy, and the sad, our purpose is to tell stories that touch your heart.

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Specializing in visual effects, we lend that extra edge to render some of the best stories extraordinary. Bringing the magic of VFX to the small screens, we work with studios, production houses, artists, and brands to create immersive experiences.

  • Vinayak Shaah

    Co-Founder and Producer at Miracle Lens, Vinayak believes that nothing less than perfection will do. With meticulous attention to detail while keeping the larger picture in mind, he ensures that every project attains it's full potential. As the face of Miracle Lens, he ensures he always puts his best foot forward.

  • Veenit Katariia

    Co-Founder and Director, Veenit has always believed in stepping outside the box. Bringing his extensive experience and unique perspective to the team, he believes that the impossible is just another challenge. He’s a man of few words and let’s his works do the talking instead of him.

  • Nandita Pareek

    Creative Producer, Nandita is a new addition to the Miracle Lens family. Having worked in a variety of projects including feature films, mini-series, TVCs, travel show etc, she brings a lot of industry experience to the table. Being good at both creating and execution, she keeps interchanging her roles as a director or producer based on the project requirement.


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